Edinburgh Detours specialises in events and guided tours blending social history, psychogeography and architecture to offer a different perspective on Edinburgh, its history and its people. Our unique project combines education, exercise and community to explore the city from the bottom up. Walter Benjamin wrote of ‘Brushing history against the grain’ and his words have become the motto of Edinburgh Detours.

We uncover the hidden history of Scotland’s capital city by reintroducing the stories of workers, immigrants and radicals. Using this gateway into the past to develop our understanding of the present and build a better future. Providing participants, whether residents or visitors, with an unusually authentic Edinburgh experience.

These bespoke tours are specially tailored for each group. In the first instance you should contact us to discuss your group’s requirements and check dates availability here.

Edinburgh Detours is a not-for-profit educational organisation raising awareness of Edinburgh’s social history and architectural heritage through guided tours and events.