Old Town Revealed

A tour around Edinburgh’s Old Town setting the history of the city in a political, social and intellectual context. Telling the story of the stages of the Old Town’s development alongside the social developments and how these impacted on the citizens of the Old Town.


We aim to use education to break down geographic, economic and social barriers. The history of Edinburgh belongs to all of us. Edinburgh Detours works with partners to provide inclusive educational and physical activity opportunities in the city centre for all.


Edinburgh Detours is committed to a community development approach. Central to our strategic plan is widening access to Edinburgh’s social history and architecture for the city’s residents. We provide high quality guided tours of the city centre for communities living on the periphery of the city, in every sense.

Private Tours

Edinburgh Detours specialises in high quality, unique private tours for small to medium sized groups. These are perfect for tourists, companies, trade unions or community and educational organisations. Please contact us for more information.

Edinburgh Detours do not do normal ‘walk up’ public tours like other companies in Edinburgh. We do not cover Harry Potter and we do not wear tartan kilts. Edinburgh Detours explore the forgotten, ignored and hidden Edinburgh. Our exclusive tours are aimed at the more discerning individuals.